Like a DIARY

8/22 Slough off.

I went to the upper stream of the Arakawa to Barbecue with MEITETHU moving company.
There was strong sunshine.

It was very terrible that getting sunburned.
Being red.very red.
It couldn't help.I I was much noise by only swimtrunks a one day!

And I jumped.
It is as follow:
A height was 10m or more.It was about third story building.
I was jumping why order by senior
When I junping, I creid:"The 100kg jump!!"
After I arrive a bank, Someone look a college student clapped and said me
"You are great!""You are interesting!"and more.

After day, a friend who heard about it ask me
"Why did you creid?"
......Becouse I can't jumping if mast not creid.

So, I suffered pain on my back, so I can't sleep.

The skin on my back peel off is terrible now.
......It is dirty.

8/16 Hold Olympics, I had haircut

yesterdey, I gat up by the cold.
But I was late it.
What is it?
A preparatoroy school for university entrance sxaminations(予備校)?
No,no.Of course it is a work..(*^_^*)

The time passed mesningless on me lately.
I sited fairly at my desk.But I didn't study very mach.
I need to do, but I don't know to do.
......Go to Yobikou?(笑)

By the way, I watched a garl's hockey in the Olympics on TV.
This was first time that I watch it formally.
It appeared that Japan lost.
This game drew many spectator.
They chase a ball like a baseball, run around a coat.
It feel interesting for me.
And I watched a baseball game.
Everyone know about baseball.
This game was a Japan VS a Cuba as I remember.
Japan won a landside victroy.

So I was thinking about this game.
Why baseball spectators was nothing in the stands.

The baseball is very popular in japan.
But it isn't worldfamuos sport.
It mean Japan's common sense isn't worldwide common sense

The American basketball team was defeated.
What a NBA......


My brother said me "The big-names wasn't enter this Olympics for train young players.
The NBA never lose!"

8/6 I went to lecture for revial License

The papers said me "Meeting time untill 9:10"
And I got up at 8:40.
There's no time to go to Lisense center.
I made up quietly my mind it.

It is to go to License center By my motorbike was drived without a license.(自爆)

I drove without a license to license center for revial license .
I parked a convenience store neer license center and wark to it.
The arrival time was 9:15.It time was spare.
And I telled to center beforehand, A receptionict said me,
"You can pass a application untll 9:25.So,don't in harry and come on here."
If I went to it by train, I might be in time(苦笑)

I don't write about lecture for revial license,
becouse lecture was verey verey uninteresting and uninportant.
Instructor had only reading a manual,and speaking worthless.
I can't remember becouse it is uninportant.

lastly, Instructor said everybady,
"Confratulaions on passing.
But everyone be stopping a license by 0:00.
If you draive by 0:00, you will be that drive without a license.
Then you will be pay the serious pnalty.It needs soecial cere!"






............sorry for Instructer.
I drove without a license after leture and went to motorbike shop by motorbike.
don't mind for me.

7/31 About July

......sory, I couldn't written about July.
It was very hard for me.
Please enjoying to read a japanise diary(泣)