Like a DIARY


Mr Pe Yonjun cama to Japan for advertisement.
Meny meny her fans crowed airport to welcame him.
At that time, 10 people was injured in by push down.
Before that time, I have seen news that Mr Pe come to Japan on TV,
TV brodcast a VTR when a people crow a car Mr Pe ride on,
I have listened to cheer from fan.
And I possibly listened to a scream from fam.
It was not certain.I wish it was mishear.

I have not seen to `Fuyu no Sonata',
so I don't understand Mr pe is charmed fan.
Is he a nice build?


I went to karaoke room with friends since I was hischool.
It was terrific,but it was pleasant for me.
And I have a sore thoat.

The news that a change of generetions is taking Doraemon's voice actors
was create a great sensation.
I like Doraemon becouse it news is very regretful.
Ms Nobuyo Ooyama play Doraemon.
Ms Noriko Ohara play Nobita.
Ms Mitiko Nohara play Sizuca.
Mr Kazuya tatekabe play Gigan.
Mr Kenta kimozuki play Suneo.
I am thank you for playing Doraemon and more.
And I wish they carry recording to the end out doing.


I went to a live to see a laugh.
A live was `HORIPRO Owarai Live'
The cast of the live was ~-GUN, Bananaman, Goukyu, Edomurasaki,
Speedwagon, Hori, Kuwabataohara,King of comedy(Guest), and a new stars.
A funny person in a new stars was `The touch'
When Speedwagon and hori appeared on the stage,
women in an audience mast cheerest them.

Speedwagon didn't say `I don't recognize!!' but they had enough laughter.
Hori played an mimic that we can't see on TV.
Goukyu is a comic duo, from the biginning I liked them.
They played a momic that was turn aside.
Kuwabataohara is a women's comic duo,they have often appered on TV recentry.
I have knowed them since they appered on Ijuin's radio,
but I was first time that I have seen them realy.
Edomurasaki was interesting for rirax time between play and next.
I feeled fresh to see them had not seen for me on TV.
I had not knew ~-GUN, but them comic was enjoyable.
King of comedy usually wasn't understood for me.
Bananaman......They were singing at first,an audiences feel them very well,
but an audiences didn't feel them enjoyable.We was at a less what to do.

I had feeled unbearable thing this time is......


A woman sat down back of my seat had laughes biggest.
Her laughing voice rang through in live house,
Her voice spoiled my atmosphere.
She laughed smaller thing than we laughed things.
She had only laughed several time,
and each time She spoiled my atmosphere.
She was gladed for castes, but wasn't gladed for me.

Meny things happened,but I feeled interesting.
I wanted to go to next time.

I saw Ms Sakura Uehara in front of a vending machine for coffee
She is very prettry.
But I had not knew her,I didn't emotion.
And I sae Mr Ozawa is member of Speedwagon.
He had a harsh voice like him on TV.
I was very emotion.


Sorry, I didn't have time to write diary for 10/13`11/14.