Like a DIARY


I haven't renewed a HP for two straight days for long time.
......I can't remember the last doing.ヽ( ´ー`)ノ

I went to Cocoon Sintosin yesterday.
It is shopping mall,was built on Saitama sintosin.

And It have a biggest cinema in Saitama.
13 movies showed on a cinema.
It surely seems great.

Cocoon is beautiful and big.
It have many shop,KinokuniyaBookshop,ABC-MART,GAP,and more.
And, various eating and drinking.
It is good plaice when going away.
it might enjoy to look around it after saw a movie.
If you will go to John rennon museum with girlfriend(boyfriend) when go to Cocoon,
then your are good daiting couples.
But around Saitama sintosin is only cocoon(T_T)

I can't remember when coccon building in the middle.
The Cocoon bilought before we knows it.
I thinked it finish more late.
Cocoon can stand earthquake,can't it?

I recommend the Cocoon sintosin.


How are you?
You may know that,
at last I got into cram school in Yoyogi seminar.
It was not an inportant thing what getting into it,
but it was an inportant thing what paying an entrance fee.(泣)
(A fees is 385000yen(涙)

My general impression on cram school is interesting.
I think if I got into it ,this is good for me.

And Yoyogi seminar have a school song.
The word of song is
思いは一つ 若やかに
代○木 代○木


.........This song may not be going to sing students,
and all students will not know the song after complete it.



......So, I advanced to study all right.
And the Snic ctiy's observatory is beautiful!!
And the Zgandam is interesting!!

.......It is joke......


Hello?I am a men ,haven't gone a cram school yet, colonel.
Summer was over.Did you make a memory in one Summer?
Trough This summer is rast time for me, I didn't.
And I have jast talked woman is a clerk......fuu.

I don't write about Auggest,becouse it was nothing in Auggest.
It was over before I know it.

About September.

You understand when you see a my japanise diary,It is very long.
I can't translate the diary into English.
Sorry for you.

.........I think the guest iscertain japanise(笑)